Self​-​Titled EP

by Constructor

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released January 30, 2017

All music written and performed by Constructor
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Gav Burrough at Tidy Studios

Vocals - Ben Jones
Guitar - Andrew Slattery
Guitar/Vocals - Jordan Beecham
Bass - James Reed
Drums - Rich Berry



all rights reserved


Constructor Cardiff, UK

South Wales 4 piece working on a new release for 2014

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Track Name: Before A Committee Of Dice
Every word spoken
Every death's unhinged
Forgive the unborn
Flightless are their wings

Every mouths open
Every sound's infringed
Cleanse the unspoken
Hours turn into days

I have to ask you, why'd you put your faith in me?

I've been waiting patiently
Carefully crafting every lie

Out of time? We barely scratched the surface.
Just leave the black book in the aisle following the service
Call it luck, oh I'd call it something.
I'd call it faith but i was raised to know better

Drown my sorrows in the well

Every bridge crossed, every moment passed.
It fades away into the void
This way sorrow comes, with misery in tow (though it never left)
Throw caution to the wind, if it fails, bury your head in the sand

I never meant this, please put that faith in someone else.
Call it luck, I'd call it something. I know better than to question it.

Where there's death, there is grief.
Where there's sorrow, you'll find me.
Where there's drink, there is sin, careful not to fall for him

If you knew grief was fathered this way, then how could you,
put all of your faith in someone like me
Track Name: You Know Nothing
I heard the devil, he called my fucking name
Out from the bottle amidst the open flame
I heard the cries of every beggar told
One mans trash can be another mans gold

Running out of steam on borrowed time
Call out a name and I'll put a price on it
Pay the debts, clear the slate
You can always count on me

I heard the beggar and he called my name
Out from the bottle amidst the open flame
I heard a whisper of the Devils crash
One mans gold is another mans trash

I'm making holes in another mans shoes
Call out a name and I'll put a price on it
Pay the debts, clear the slate
You can always count on me

We've all been decaying
Past the point of recognition
there's still some fight in us yet

What's a little shit amongst the flies?
Is this really where the hero dies?
Did I hear the blaspheme in your cries

I know I'll get my due,
Give me a sign
I know I'll get my due, if I've anything left
Give me a sign , just anything please

Even at my best, I'm second
Call out my name and he'll put a price on it
Clear my slate, collect the debt
Give me a face to forget

We'd sooner drown in these waters,
With all our sins and our daughters

We've all been fooled, it's scripted from the start
unaware we've all played our part (and we played them well)
If I'm alone, then I'm alone and alone I shall be
Forever a wanted man

Excuse my broken lung
Cough up the morning sun
A failure from the start
Ruined the work of art
Now that I've said my piece
Declared a war on peace
The jury has been hung
Oh it's been hung out to dry
Track Name: Dutch Courage
I think it's time to face
You're a little far from grace
I've heard you run that mouth on and on
I feel it's time to face
That worry had gave chase
I've heard you run your mouth on and on

(On and on)

Raise your glass and let that liquor flow and feel that malt cause through it
Raise your glasses, let it flow, let it flow

Face it we've been here before (hey hey hey)
And it's a long road back to our grave
We've all seen where this goes (hey hey hey)
When it's laid out in front of me

I've been cast out
Into the gutter
Where I'm royalty
So crown me King

You can call me a liar, You can call me a saint
I can promise you I'm not worth the wait
There's no winning this battle when I'm three sheets to the wind
Barman 2 of your finest lord knows I've sinned
And boy have I sinned
There's no turning back from this
There's no end to it
I've been gnawing at my bones
To pay my debts with the meat

(hey hey hey)
And it's a long road back to our grave
We've all seen where this road leads (hey hey hey)
When it's laid out in front of me

I've been cast out
And into the casket
Where I found my light
But the bulb had blown

Hey hey hey, Hey are you listening?

I hold no stake in this world anymore
Just one last drink to pick me up of the floor
I've sold my souls for a living
But you can have it for free

Boy you better watch your mouth
If you play with fire then you'll get fucking burnt
Track Name: Trash
Burned at the stake; a paradigm
Hung at the wake, I was biding my time
Nailed to the cross, I've seen that before
I'm at a loss and my patience is wearing thin

Speak of the devil and he'll appear
Right from the horses mouth
Who said you could pardon me?
Don't push your luck
Or it will come for you

Left at the altar, a holy man
Who's at fault here? I know I am!
Smothered to death, a breath of air
A solemn oath, I couldn't care

When it's time it's time
Oh we all know when
Well my time is up
And it's up to no good

I'm surrounded by rats
But not one I can trust
I'm surrounded by rats
But not one

Would you jump this, sinking ship
Into the jaws of any snake
In the hope that it could swim
Your all rats, the lot of you
Track Name: A Rat; Amongst Rats
Oh we buried him in the setting sun
We've no claim to this throne
Nor have wares of our own
Yeah, in the shadow left by the falling son
We've had no course for this fate
To be left here as bait

Brace for something
in the palm my hand
Promise me you'll
Get that child to safety

Brace the unknown
Sell the first born
Burn the black book
Pray the old way

We're not coming apart
We've been stitched back up
We're not falling astray
We've all been starved of greed

You're once, twice, three times a rat
Even other rats will agree with that

It's when the hours they turn into days
We loose sight and hope of our fate
Oh I've give so much for this place
To loose sight of the hope of our way
It's when the hours they then into days
We loose sight and the hope that theres fate
Oh I've give too much to this place
I can beg, I can grovel but we only
reap what we sow

When chaos reigns, i was lost years ago

At the drop of a hat
But the hat never drops
We've all been played
The lost, are abandoned
The found, are cast aside

Cry wolf,
In the grace of the westward sun
There's no honour for thieves
Just steal the heart from their sleeves
False claims
We've no right to bare these names
I've no patience for this
If I had any time you could waste it..

If it looks like a rat then a rat it shall be
You can Crown me King if you answer to me
If it looks like a rat then a rat is shall be
You can crown me king, if I had any time you could waste it.. all